Tessa Roberts

“Studying doesn’t need to be taxing….”

Tessa Roberts is our leading expert in the AF1 and AF5 CII exams. She is a freelance technical author and online tutor specialising in financial services, financial capability and general insurance.

Tessa’s strengths lie in her years of experience, technical knowledge and her friendly, approachable and very visible presence as part of our online Forum community.

6 things I’ve learnt

Look after yourself

Your health – both physical and mental – is key to what you can achieve at any given point in time. So, look after yourself – eat healthily, exercise more (or simply get outside) and aim for the right work-life balance for you.

Be nice

Don’t be the cause of someone else’s bad day.

Worry is a thief

It steals your time and your peace of mind. Telling a worrier to stop worrying is about as useful as the proverbial chocolate teapot and yet so many people do it. But, there are techniques that anyone can learn to keep unproductive worries at bay – get Googling if you need them.

Those who can, teach

If you’re not sure whether you really do understand something, try teaching it to somebody else. You’ll soon find out whether you have any gaps in your knowledge.

Time is short spend it wisely

If you can, go get yourself a job that you love, work with people whose values you share and respect and spend your free time doing whatever makes you and those you care about happy.

Be generous with your hugs

Hugs (consensual, obviously!) are great – aim for 10 – 20 seconds minimum for maximum health and well-being benefits.