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EP 'Flipped' Workshops: Doing the doing

Our workshop spaces are being booked up fast 🙂

(…but, we’ve added an additional date for AF5…)

Face to face learning can be a great way to get yourself exam ready and put your studying into practice.

In all our workshops, our ‘flipped’ classroom approach is used to compliment your online course: what does that mean?

”Flipped classroom” delivers and expects your learning to be done outside of the classroom.

We expect you to have completed your online learning – completed your assignments, completed your quizzes and completed your on-line course.

Our workshops set out to compliment and build on the studying you have completed during the Structured Study Plan. It is not about us standing up and relaying the facts and figures and going over the study syllabus with you….again.

Don’t come on an EP workshop if you expect us to revise the syllabus (and we’ll take any cancellations for those on the waiting list…).

EP workshops are about application of your knowledge.

Getting you involved in building case-study solutions.

We use case study scenarios to bring to life the knowledge you have learned and how to put that into practice – learning how to critically evaluate the case study and solve the client scenario.

Our workshops are all about application.

They are all about the part that most people don’t do or don’t know how to do: how to apply your knowledge into the exam case studies.

The more prepared you are, the more you will get out of the workshop: the better chance you have of passing the exam.

Hope your studies are going well and good luck.

Gayle and the EPL Team



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