The CII Route to Chartered – How long will it take me and what are the best options?

To achieve the Advanced Diploma, you need to accumulate 290 CII credits. If you hold the Level 4 Regulated Diploma, you have earned 100 credits and therefore have a 190 credit shortfall. I won’t go into detail here, but you will need a minimum 4 Advanced Diploma modules which total 120 credits, plus gap-fill from […]

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My Journey to Chartered by Duncan Cook Chartered Financial Planner

Like many financial advisers, I have for some time, harboured an ambition to become a Chartered Financial Planner. I even went as far as ordering the CII AF3 (Pension Planning) workbook, more than once but never really got down to any meaningful study. There always seemed to be a valid reason to start some other […]

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