Project Description

“I’m Mrs Accounts and make sure everybody gets paid and the books balance”

Whilst Linda no longer manages the office on a day-to-day basis after handing the baton onto our new Managing Director Gayle, She continues to deal with all things accounts at EPL – any questions about those invoices just give her a bell. Having worked in finance for 30 years she always has time for a chat.
After leaving financial services sector for family reasons she began working in the voluntary sector – in particular with Bield Housing and Alzheimer Scotland – eventually running local Alzheimer Scotland Day Club before EP commitments took over.

6 things I’ve learnt

A smile or friendly word is a great gift – give them freely to a stranger and you just might make someone’s day.

How precious life/time is- Don’t waste a second…

It’s okay to say NO and put yourself first – if you are happy you will make others happy too.

Trust and Let Go
Find people you really trust/respect – allow them in and you can let go and follow your dreams.

We all can do so much MORE than we think we can. Use your greatest asset…your MIND and you can achieve anything.

As the saying goes “Laugh Often” especially with family and friends. It is one of life’s best tonics and I don’t mean G & T 🙂