John Reynolds

“I’m nearly a pensioner now….”

Dubbed by friends and colleagues “The Pensions Professor”, John Reynolds is widely acknowledged as one of the country’s leading experts in the financial services education sector. He has spent 20 years teaching, consulting, mentoring and writing on the subjects of pensions and investments.

John’s unique ability to take his years of experience and technical knowledge and present it in an easy to understand format, has resulted in his talents being very much in demand. He has an extensive portfolio of corporate clients, as well as numerous IFA clients whom he provides technical consultancy, mentoring and training on client case studies and staff training.

6 things I’ve learnt

Listen to wise people

Watch, listen and read about wise people. Think slowly.

Be kind

Read about the old religions from around the world: truth, honesty and kindness lead to success in every endeavour.

You can choose to be happy

Negative wizards will suck the oxygen from your bones. Stay away and only come back with a smile.

It’s all about you

It’s people that matter: your family, your friends and your colleagues.
Not processes, it’s people that come first.

EQ and IQ

Never in my lifetime will a computer love another computer.
We are in the knowledge business – the emotional/behavioural business: the EQ business

Service, service, service

You can buy the same product from a million different places.
The difference is how it’s delivered – is it delivered with care?
Is it delivered with EQ: with truth, honesty and kindness?
These are the things that have shaped my life, my relationships and my business.
These lessons shape the way we do business and work as a team to delivery everything we do with truth, with positive energy and with kindness.
We think about you and we’ll help you succeed – with a smile.
If it stopped today, I’d start again tomorrow.
I thank everyone of the specially-chosen expert pensions team for living these values in everything we do, every day.