Project Description

“I’m here to welcome and help our customers and assist with managing our blogs and social media pages”

Caroline is the Customer Engagement and Communications Assistant and brings many years of experience from various industry sectors and is also CIPD Learning and Development qualified. Caroline is here to help with all your initial enquiries, keep you updated via Linkedin and our blogs page and to ensure that you receive outstanding customer care from the moment you contact Expert Pensions.

With her excellent organisational skills, friendly chat and wealth of experience you can be assured of a warm and efficient welcome.

6 things I’ve learnt

You never really appreciate a moment or a person until they/it becomes a memory
Value the people in your life who matter to you.

It’s ok to make a mistake
Nobody’s perfect
Learn from your mistakes and move on.

There is more than one road to success
Ok, so maybe things didn’t go to plan first time round but hey there is always a different road or path you can choose to go down.

My family and friends bring out the best in me
They really do and even when I might be at my worst they still stand by me!

You need to invest in YOU
If you don’t look after and invest in yourself first then you won’t be ready to share your awesomeness with everyone else.

Always keep your ‘bell bottom jeans and boots with the fur’!
Fashion has a habit of coming back round again – you just need to make sure you can still fit into them!