What is a Pension Transfer Value?

In order to understand this, you first need to understand that there are two types of pensions in the UK: defined contribution pensions, and defined benefit pensions [1]. Defined Contribution Pensions Defined contribution pensions are like savings accounts. Money is saved into the pension and invested into assets such as company shares and bonds. The […]

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Worth Noting by Andrew Houghton

Andrew Houghton has highlighted a recent interesting case which may be of particular interest to students studying for AF1 or JO2 as well as those taking AF7, AF8, PETR or PTPA. This ruling will have significant ramifications for pension scheme trustees contemplating using powers set out in the scheme rules going forwards. On the face […]

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Appropriate Qualifications

We have published this information previously, but having received a number of questions regarding which exam is right for you we thought it was worth highlighting a few points again to help you make the right choice. Appropriate Qualifications…but which one? Our business is pensions; technical pension consultancy and competence in pensions – through CPD […]

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