Learning to learn

Hey Boo – Let’s take the scary stuff out of studying – Five Frequently Asked Questions

It worries me that I will may not be able to complete it easily We’re not going to lie – It’s not going to be an easy process! But with the help of the Expert Pensions team and the study resources available to you we will ensure that we make your studying time pay. We […]

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CII AF8 – Time to tackle a different approach?

AF8 is not what you would expect if you are comparing it to other CII AF exams. Instead of sitting a 3 hour written paper you will be tackling three assignments over a 12 month period. The pass rate for this exam is currently 76% and successful completion is where you obtain a minimum of […]

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Your Learning

We realise that everyone has their own individual, preferred style of learning delivery and practice. We are all individuals. It’s a key part of our culture: personal support. Your learning (from EPL) has to work for you personally. To help us deliver learning to you in a format you personally prefer, it is essential that […]

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