Last minute study tips for PETR, MANI and PCIAM students by Michael Pashley

Michael Pashley has been sharing some all important last minute study tips to take you into the exam and across those goal posts: PCIAM candidates, remember – Tackle section A first (easiest), then section C (middle), then finally section B (hardest). Remember to critically analyse and critically evaluate using your S/A/E paragraph structure. Remember to […]

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Invest In You

Here at Expert Pensions we are all very passionate about learning and development. We love supporting our students on their learning journey and we are constantly working behind the scenes to ensure that you are getting the very best of what we have to offer. Why are we different? We believe we offer the very […]

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Appropriate Qualifications

We have published this information previously, but having received a number of questions regarding which exam is right for you we thought it was worth highlighting a few points again to help you make the right choice. Appropriate Qualifications…but which one? Our business is pensions; technical pension consultancy and competence in pensions – through CPD […]

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