Good morning on this breezy February morning beaming live on satellite from Milton Keynes!

This is week 5.
Yes; we are halfway through the learning journey, with 5 more modules to go after this and then we’ve got time to practice a few mock exams and questions from past papers. We are bang on track with the schedule; are you keeping a space in your diary?

The good news is that you have two weeks on Module 5.
You have time to catch-up and take a breather. This week is week 5; module 5 and then next week is half-term break.

So, today is 8th February (week 5) and we’ll be back with week 6 (and the answers to week 5 question) on Monday 22 February. You have two weeks to review the last four modules, complete week 5, module 5 and look forward to week 6.

It’s been a fantastic effort from everyone so far. Keep it up. It’s been a great effort in the first half. The second half is coming.

Meantime, we’ll be adding the answer docs and video tutorials for week 4 as we progress throughout today and I’ll put a note in the relevant forum when they are available.

Have a great week and a restful half-term.
Once we get back and started on 22 Feb, it’ll be full steam ahead for the remaining 7 weeks: it’ll pass you by in a flash.

All the best.