AF5 July and October 2020 Exam sittings

Getting ready for AF5 Exam in 2020, what better way to start your exam preparation then looking back and analysing a past paper.  No time to do this?  Then don’t worry we have done it for you.  This will give you an insight into what the examiner is thinking, an idea of what might come up in the future and highlight the pitfalls to avoid as we prepare for and sit the exam.

What am I letting myself in for?

The case study is due to be released two weeks before the exam date and with 30 credits and 160 marks up for grabs it’s all about working smarter and understanding what this exam involves.  3 hours is the time allowed to show you know your stuff and you can rock your client’s needs.

Top Tips

  • With any calculations – show your workings
  • Explain technical terms and concepts as you go along
  • Evaluate your clients objectives – ask questions about your clients to ensure you fully understand what they need
  • You are not being asked to write a report – you are being asked how you would address specific client issues within the context of a report
  • Put forward appropriate recommendations and most importantly justify your recommendations – you will be rewarded for thinking logically about the objectives and potential solutions for your client – You must concentrate on the needs of the individual clients
  • When writing your answer reflect on whether your answer will have an impact on other factors and show that you have considered this
  • Demonstrate knowledge of recent or timely changes and how this may impact your considerations – read financial papers as topical issues (ie the last 12 months) are often tested
  • If the client has an investment portfolio, make sure you are familiar with all the investments held within the portfolio. You should understand the risk profile, tax treatment, accessibility and yield of each investment
  • You need to demonstrate you know what needs to be done in relation to each of the key aspects of the financial planning process


Watch our video tutorial as our Expert guides you through a review of the April 2019 AF5 exam:

We are a revolution in education. We make the entire process of teaching and learning interesting, memorable and fun (we do try)!  Helping you to become a focused and effective student by introducing our analysis and technical guidance.  Applying strategies that enable you to study less, learn more and pass your exam.

This is a full financial planning analysis based on what we believe the exam paper could test you on – it is not guaranteed and you need to be flexible in your approach. Be prepared for any task to be in any question!

Dare to be exceptionally excellent?  We do!

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