The April 2016 AF3 exam is 12 weeks next Wednesday; that’s 10 weeks x 10 modules and 2 weeks revision if you start with us from next week.

Get your head into gear this week.
Clear the tinsel and get the diary out; your updated AF3 Essential study notes for the April 2016 exam are ready.

The AF3 study notes have been tweaked and reviewed and are ready for the next 12 weeks.
For all our current and new members signed up for April 2016 AF3 exam and ready to get cracking, you can find them here:

We’ll be telling you more about AF1, 4 and 5 over the next few days; keep your eyes on the blog and forums.

But, for all you folks thinking about it, STOP!
Before you do anything. Before you write one word, pay one penny or scribble any dates, read and sign this:

If you can’t commit to this effort, you are wasting your time. Don’t sign up.
Seriously, don’t waste your time or your money.

Yes, we’ll keep you on-course; Yes, we’ve got the most extensive blended set of study notes, Q&A workbook, quizzes and workshops – and, of course, it all helps – but, the the secret sauce is not secret.

The AF exams demand respect and will be demanding on your time. They require a BIG effort from you, but enough of that – you know that already.

For all those of you signed-up and ready to get cracking, here’s a little more background on what we are doing for the April exams. Enjoy.