No don’t panic; it’s not that time yet….

We’re not planning to start the new structured study plan schedule until Tuesday 5 July; 14 weeks until the exams on 5&6 October 2016.
14 weeks: 10 weeks for 10 modules; 2 weeks for revision (mock papers) and 2 weeks on the beach (we normally have a couple of weeks off in August to allow a little more time during the holidays to keep in touch with the study schedule).

The newly updated study materials for AF1, 3 and 4 will be issued on or before 5 July 2016.
(AF5 will be released later in July).

For those who are tempted to get started ahead of the game, you can still purchase the old study notes now, but, of course, your materials (as is the case with ALL current members) will be automatically updated when the new study materials are available (or any new study materials become available). This will also be the case in December/January, when we update/revise them for the April 2017 exam. All current members scheduled to get the updates within their 12 month membership will get access to the updated materials.

In advance of the new ‘academic’ year for 2016/17, we have revised our fee agreement with you.
This effects all new purchases.

Our revised fee is in recognition of the fact that we continue to provide the most complete, comprehensive and integrated structured study plan available – supported by the best professional tutors in their subjects. We have also expanded our support to include mock exams (in the final weeks before the exam) and a full pre-exam workbook which we’ll be making available as part of your final revision before the exam for the AF3; both additions being very well received by students in April.

Not only that, we are making a substantial investment into a new website to be launched before 4 July 2016.
This is one of a number of new and exciting developments for the 2016/17 year. It’s a huge step forward and we’ll be updating you on that in the coming weeks.

We recognise that our structured support is not suitable for everyone. If we don’t have what you are looking for within your budget or time constraints, we’ll help you find it and direct you to those who we know deliver a great alternative.

Our aim here at EPL is to build the best.
To build you a structured study package which is complete in every sense and blended with study notes, videos, quizzes and written assignments; we’re building a comprehensive support platform, robust in form and in learning theory and we’re building the UK’s first and only integrated learning management system for those studying for their Chartered exams – which will also offer recorded CPD on every course, every module and every quiz. All in the one place.

It’s exciting times. Watch this space for more news.

Is it 10 June yet?

As always, if you have any questions or requests we can help with, then please call the office (01506 657318) or email