Coming to you on Friday 25th September: Case Study Release

Here’s looking forward to seeing you at the AF5 workshops (both fully booked now).

As you think about your final preparations before AF5 October 2015 exam and case study release on 25th September, here’s a lesson from some of those who might have sat this exam previously and failed. What is the key learn?

Most people leave the AF5 exam quietly confident that they have done a good job. Most pass. More than 80% passed with us last time.

But, some (who have written screeds of information on the tasks being questioned) find out that they have been unsuccessful and cannot understand why.

So let’s look at the industry pass rate for the CII AF5:

Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning

Unit Annual Pass Rate
2014 2013
AF5 65.71% 61.05%

(taken from the CII website 21/08/2015)

As outlined in our tutorials it is critically important to understand what each task is asking for; and of applying the detailed answers in ”CII” language in order to obtain full marks in each task.

It is not quantity that counts in any AF exam. It is the application and quality of your answers. Everytime personalising and relating back to the case study with specific and detailed information.

The team will be working over the weekend 25th-29th September on the case study fact find. We’ll be releasing our initial analysis early on Wednesday 30 September and all our AF5 folks will be sent a copy hot off the press.

For those of you who are attending the AF5 workshops in Bathgate or in Milton Keynes I look forward to seeing you to review, learn, analyse, share, discuss and apply your learning.

Wishing you all the best and see you soon.