We realise that everyone has their own individual, preferred style of learning delivery and practice.

We are all individuals.

It’s a key part of our culture: personal support.

Your learning (from EPL) has to work for you personally.

To help us deliver learning to you in a format you personally prefer, it is essential that we can offer it through a mix of media and methods.

Cast your mind back when you were studying for an exam, your driving test, memorising important dates or information and you will start to see a pattern emerge; what worked best for your learning: what works for you?

We can help you tap into your full potential by offering your learning in a number of different ways to suit you, your life and your work:

Flexibility: the flexibility to study around your life. Work, home, hobbies and family all play an important part in our day to day lives so we offer anywhere and anytime learning

Face to Face Workshops: an opportunity to make what you learn come to life; listen, watch and talk all at once.

Structured online learning: we have a variety of quizzes, videos, exam style questions, live and recorded videos and webinars…all accessible 24/7 online via your laptop and headphones. You can bring EPL into your kitchen on a Saturday morning (or a Tuesday night if you prefer).

CPD: keep on track using our digital badges, which are the perfect way to track your progress, share your success and clock up those all important professional development hours for your SPS.

Communication: we love what we do; we want to share our knowledge with you and hear about your success – join us on the forum and become part of the conversation at EPL.

Success is important to achieving your goals and we hope to see you all behind the goal posts!

You’ll be hearing more and more about how we support your learning in the coming weeks.