Been on holiday? Put off your study? Is the dust gathering on your AF7 text book?
If yes, then don’t worry help is at hand as you are not too late to join us.

This Thursday we are broadcasting LIVE with our first virtual workshop as part of our AF7 structured study plan. John will be reviewing your exam answering techniques in the context of three key subjects:

  • TVC and APTA
  • Scheme structures, solvency and PPF
  • Death benefits

In addition to this he will also be sharing his extensive knowledge on how to pass AF7.  This coming from the expert who has sat this exam more times than anyone would ever want to!! 🙂

In other words, how to understand what the CII examiner is asking – and what the examiner expects to see in your answer.

John will be demonstrating the learn, try and apply method with our past exam question papers.

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