Growing up (in the eighties), Embracing the noughties (2000-2009), Caught in the Inbetweenies (2010-2012) and Terrified of the Teenies (2013-2019)?

Growing up and learning in the eighties was a tough gig – I should know I was there and have experienced the sheer delights of:

  • Not owning a mobile phone in my teenage years. I still used a phone box or even better went round to see my friends and had face to face conversations. If I needed to know something I had to ask someone, look for the information myself or read a book.
  • The information super highway was a plethora of mind blowing information via Ceefax or teletext – accessed via your TV remote control.
  • There were no social media sites where you were able to ‘potentially’ meet the love of your life by poking, swiping, following or liking – we used to go the local youth club and if you liked someone you usually got your mate to tell them!
  • Children at primary school now have iPads, iPhones, facebook, tablets and fitbits – I was quite chuffed when an Apple was something I ate for my lunch and Windows were for staring out of when you got bored in your maths class!

Things have definitely moved on and we are now in era where we have moved on from the ‘one room’ learning house to having the world at your fingertips. You are demanding a new way of learning and our online learning platform is an exciting place for you to learn, grow and develop.

So lets start by engaging your senses and positively encouraging you to log on, click, listen, watch, read and do.  Our study plans are kicking off next week with AF1 closely followed by AF7, AF4 and AF5.

Things are changing and learning should be an exciting journey taking you onwards and upwards – we are moving with the times and we believe you can too!