For some reason this week we have seen a slight drop in the number of ESQ’s being submitted and whilst this is not unusual (half term week, half way point, motivation drops a little or perhaps you are just feeling overwhelmed with your studies). 

We’ve all been there and have experienced times when the studying gets on top of us and makes us question if it is all worth it.  We’re here to remind that absolutely it is!!!!  You have a goal and we want you to succeed. 

Prioritise the important material.  You are the best guide as to what sections you feel are your strengths and which modules you feel might need a bit more time spent on them.  But ultimately to catch up on your studies you have to create more time – can you go into work half an hour earlier each day and use this time, could you rearrange some of your social plans or dedicate a days holiday to get you over this hurdle?  Look at your schedule and try and find small 30 minute slots where you can fit studying in:

· As soon as you wake up before leaving for work

· On your commute (if you take public transport)

· On your lunch break – take 30 minutes study 30 minutes

· Dedicate 30 minutes study time as soon as you get home from work

· When the kids are having a nap

· Is it possible to go to work earlier or leave a little later so that you can study either side of your work hours?

Most importantly, don’t feel guilty about falling behind.  It’s perfectly normal to stray off track sometimes.  Accept you have fallen behind and MOVE on.   TALK to us and let’s see if we can find some options for you or help clarify something that might be stopping you moving on. Have the belief that you CAN and WILL catch up and let’s get you behind those all important exam goal posts. Keep up the momentum and the good work and you will thank us come April!!