It worries me that I will may not be able to complete it easily

We’re not going to lie – It’s not going to be an easy process! But with the help of the Expert Pensions team and the study resources available to you we will ensure that we make your studying time pay.

We have a good mix of students. Our mature students make excellent learners because they are generally focused, dedicated and can bring with them a whole wealth of experience from the Financial Services Industry. Our younger students often report how helpful it has been to network and draw on the experience of our Experts who already know and understand these exams.

You often find you are all having similar successes and difficulties! Communication is the fuel that will keep your studying fire burning. When you are studying in the Expert Pensions supported environment the exchange of information between individuals or groups of people will be a valuable resource in bringing your studies alive.

How do I know if I am achieving the required academic standard?

You will receive feedback from your tutor on the weekly exam style questions via the exam specific Forum. This will give you a clear indication of the standard you are reaching, and of any areas you may need to work on.

Everyone is new to the course and at some point has had to ask questions in order to learn. So, if you’re in doubt, don’t stay silent and unsure. It’s much better to ask and get the help you need so you you can move on to the next part of your learning.

What’s the workload like?

As per our study timetable you will be required to study independently for some time each week. We suggest approx. 6-8 hours of study per module. There are some catch up weeks as part of your timetable and this will allow for any holidays, catch up, review and reflect time etc.

I have studied previously: can I be accredited for this?

You may be eligible to claim exemptions for relevant exams and qualifications obtained through other professional bodies or universities.

Subject to the published qualification completion requirements these can be used to help you achieve CII qualifications more quickly.

If you hold a degree or professional qualification in a relevant subject, for example, accounting, business, law, finance, management or maths, you could receive credits that count towards completion of a CII qualification.


How do I keep motivated until exam day?

You will need to adopt a combination of hard work, careful time management and make use of the support available to you. Set yourself realistic and achievable targets and enjoy learning something new.

Give yourself the time and use all the resources available to you – remember you will have to work hard but the outcome will be worth it!

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