At the start of our Structured Study Plans for October 2017, it’s worth taking a minute to look at what success looks like.

Some people are good at studying: they should stick to what they know and what works for them.

Some people need a little helping hand when

Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning: AF1, AF3 and AF4

Unit Annual Pass Rate CII Expert Pensions Results so far…
2015 2016 April 2017
AF1 57.55% 45.02% 77.2% (+71% better chance of success)
AF3 31.47% 37.25% 62.5% (+68% better chance of success)
AF4 63.88% 63.37% 80.0% (+26% better chance of success)


Here’s another interesting table

This is an interesting table from the data collected by EP from students studying for the April 2017 exams: we have three groups of data (those who completed more or less than 9 assignments and the whole data group).

What does it actually say?


9 or more assignments Exam score>=88 for whole data group
No Yes No Yes
Exam score>=88 (Yes) 31.8% 68.2% 0.0% 100.0%
Videos Viewed Mean 40.0 46.1 50.3 39.9
Median 33.5 44.5 44.0 34.0
Time per quiz Mean 42.2 33.7 44.4 34.1
Median 33.1 34.9 37.5 29.2
Quiz Passed Mean 5.7 10.8 6.5 8.1
Median 5.0 10.0 7.0 8.0
Exam Result Mean 90.9 97.5 76.9 99.7
Median 92.0 99.0 78.0 98.0


What does it actually say about the profile of a successful student?

  1. You will have done/completed or attempted your assignments
  2. You will have passed/completed your quizzes
  3. You do the quizzes quickly and successfully
  4. You spend time on the site watching the video tutorials (higher than average, but not so much as to use time better spent on quizzes or videos).

If you do that, I think this says that you have a better chance of passing.

In other words, DOING and COMPLETING the EP course is worth it.

Doing the doing gets results!

Start your 5 things this week and start on the road to success – have a look below: