The results will soon be with you (finally)! The results of all your hard work and determination, which you may have been trying to push to the back of your mind and between the mixed emotions of anticipation, fear, anxiety and delight the most important thing to remember is that you need to keep everything in perspective whatever the outcome.

We have said it before but we will say it again – you should be proud of your achievements and you should celebrate the fact that whatever the outcome you have learnt something new. If you do well, then congratulations and very well done – your results are a reward for the hard work and effort you have put in and it is very, very, well deserved.

You might not all get the results you wanted but remember we all set our own goals and you should view this as an opportunity to learn, grow and develop. An exam result is a only a measure of your knowledge on a set of questions on a particular day and all is not lost. Let your results sink in and then, when you are ready, come and talk to us about your options.

When the results come out it will be an emotionally charged day and we will be right here in EP HQ waiting to hear from you. Give yourself a chance to let your feelings sink in and remember to be proud of yourself and your achievements.

Best of luck everyone!