As we wish the very best of luck to everyone who is taking their exams next week, we are already looking forward to welcoming our new students for the October 2019 session.

The dates you need to know are as follows:

7th October AF1

8th October AF4 and AF7

9th October AF5

The table below shows the CII pass rates for each exam and each year Expert Pensions consistently exceed the national averages:

 Exam 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
AF7   44.23%   43.74%   N/A   N/A   N/A
AF4   47.86%   48.96%   63.37%   63.88%   62.58%
AF1   55.58%   49.10%   45.02%   57.55%   53.36%
AF5   58.0%   64.60%   66.88%   61.75%   65.71%


Why choose us?

There are many others out there who can imitate what Expert Pensions offer but they cannot duplicate us.  If your aim is to gain knowledge as well as a thorough understanding and application of the exam process then you are absolutely in the right place.   A small, friendly and expert team who care about you and your exam goals.

We are proud to be achieving great results for our customers as we continue to develop and maintain the superior standard of our products and services.