Structured CPD…the Expert Pensions way

A practical look at investment bond planning considerations. We go behind the scenes and explain how life offices work, how bonds are administered and how life offices make decisions.

The following modules are included:
• Introduction to Investment Bonds
• Insurable Interest
• Segmentation
• Investment Bond Taxation
• Chargeable Gains
• Excess Events
• Time Apportionment Relief
• Deficiency Relief
• Top-slicing Relief
• Starting Savings Rate and Bonds
• Personal Savings Allowance and Offshore Bonds
• Personal Savings Allowance and Onshore Bonds
• Absolute vs. Discretionary Trusts
• Bonds in Interest in Possession Trusts
• Gift trusts
• Loan trusts
• Discounted Gift Trusts (DGTs)
• Excluded Property Trusts
• Probate Trusts
• Company-owned investment bonds

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