6th July 2020 – AF7 Pension Transfers & R06 Financial Planning Practice

7th July 2020 – AF1 Personal Tax and Trust Planning & AF5 Financial Planning Process

With those exam dates fast approaching you need to ensure that you are prepared and informed about what you need to do on the day. The word “invigilated” can mean different things to different people and covers a wide and varied mix of technologies, approaches and solutions. Are you aware of what invigilated means to you or is it still unclear and leading to confusion?

Most importantly you need to start with a positive mindset. Yes this is new. Yes this is different. But it is the way forward. The exam rules are set by the examining body and the invigilator enforces these rules in the same way as in an exam hall. For the most part this type of remote invigilation technology has been approved by the qualification’s regulators, when they are reassured there are sufficient controls and procedures in place to ensure the integrity of the exam. As we adapt to these changes, examining bodies need a convenient and user-friendly way to provide the exam assessment, but it still has to be secure and robust. So, there are rules in place and you need to be aware of them!

CII Exam policies and further information

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Click here for information on remote invigilation for the CII multiple choice tests booked with ProtorU

Click here for information on remote invigilation for the CII July 2020 on screen written exams

If you haven’t already done so then use the time now to enable and rehearse the exam service access procedures prior to the exam so that you can be prepared for real-time responsive and/or technical support that may present during the exam.

Extra support and revision resources

If you are looking for that last minute case study analysis or a revision course designed to get you over the line then our award winning online learning solutions are direct and to the point, so that self-directed learners can consume learning at their convenience:

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