After all the hard work, determination and preparation you put in to working towards an exam you can totally appreciate the stress that comes with managing your time, doing the revision, sitting the exam and THEN waiting for those all important results!

Exam results matter and they play a big part in what we do but more importantly they play a big part in deciding your next move.

If you get the result you wanted, then Happy Days, all is well and you can move on to deciding your next steps and remember if you would like some advice or you just want to share your happy news then contact one of the Team so that we can talk through some of the options with you.

If things didn’t go so well this time and you are just short of a couple of pesky marks, you may be asking yourself, “What do I do now?” “What went wrong?” “How do I fix my study?” and again, this is where we can continue to support you and get you back on track. Firstly, you need to know that this is not uncommon – not everyone passes first time! The bottom line is not to panic as moving forward is often easier than you may think. You can challenge the result of an exam if you think it’s wrong and we will go into more detail about this once we have received your results.

So whatever happens next week please know that your results are vitally important to us: we are doing this to help people pass. We’d love to know your final mark to help us in our research about the correlation between exam results and learning activities. Customer feedback is an insight into what is working well about our products and services and what we can do to make your experience better. We may have the best expertise in the industry, but there is nothing more valuable than your feedback and opinions. This will enable us to meet your expectations, solve any problems and fulfil your studying needs.

If you can spare a few minutes once you have received your result to let us know how you got on we would really appreciate it.

Best of luck everyone – may the Exam Gods be with you!

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