Well, it’s not AF3.

It’s something different.

It’s advanced: still level 6
It’s smaller: 20 advanced credits.
It’s more focused: Pension Transfers only

Is it authorised by the FCA as an appropriate exam for occupational pension transfer permissions?
Watch this space: I think it will.

Some things I do know:
We WILL be offering a study support plan and workshop to help you get this exam, starting July 2017: there is nobody better placed to support you through this exam. We are expert pensions.
I will be sitting this exam with you in October 2017.

Things to ponder before our structured study plans start on 6 January 2017:
Do I want to sit AF3?
Do I want the 30 credits toward chartered and the pension transfer permissions?

Or, do I just want the permissions?

Or, is there another way (to Chartered) – without sitting AF3?
AF1, AF5, AF4, PCIAM and AF7?

Much to ponder….watch this space.