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Week 2 video tutorials and answer documents are added and ready for you in module 2 (for both AF3 and AF4).

You might want to have a think about this week:
Too many exam chimps running about bashing their heads and thumping their chests; TOO MUCH fast thinking.

NOT ENOUGH slow….thinking.

System 1 (fast): good for generalisations/instant decision, even when they are mostly wrong. It’s easy. The brain likes easy.
System 2 (slow): good for problem solving and making better problem solving decisions. Not liked by the brain – it takes effort.

When you are faced with a problem in an AF exam, ANY strategy which encourages system two (slow thinking) is good. That’s why we spend as much time on the question within an AF exam paper and the analysis as the answer; slow thinking about what the question is asking is critical.

That’s why we have a fully blended structured study plan teaching using onine video and face-2-face workshops; problem solving is best done solving problems together….with SLOW THINKING AND REFLECTION; WITH care and attention to detail.

That’s why I send people away every week who want fast thinking options for AF exams. They don’t exist; slow thinking is a skill you can develop through good teaching and good practice. Slow thinking requires effort from you and support from me. It develops your ability to express problem solving and knowledge in terms of rules, logic, associations and relationships……

Please take a look – I’d very, very strongly suggest AFTER you send me your effort for this week….

We’ve made HUGE strides forward.
More attention to detail, more clarity and more slow thinking required.

Think carefully before sending in your answer for Module 3, Week 3; the question document/pdf and video tutorials are posted and ready in Module 3 (for both AF3 and AF4).

Good luck.

All the best.