Thank you for your patience, support and encouragement over the past two weeks – it very much appreciated.
I’m feeling a lot better now than I did a week ago, but we’ll need all your support as we continue bed the new site in and make sure everything is working smoothly. I’m glad to say it’s coming together. I think by the end of this week and going into Module 3/Week (just before our first ‘holiday’ week), I’ll be feeling a lot better about how it’s all working.

For all paid-up members of the EP study club, I’d like to invite you to a webinar on Friday 15 July
This is part of a series of tutorial teaching Q&A sessions (hosted and delivered on a Friday – which seems to work as the most popular day). Every week we’ll cover a specific subject being studied as part of our structured study plan for AF3 and/or AF4: it’s your chance to watch how to analyse questions and build answers, but also ask questions and get instant answers….it’s your Friday mini-workshop. It is specifically about building your problem solving capability and this week we are reviewing modules 1 and 2.

More information about upcoming LIVE Webinars will be issued via the forum in due course, once the summer schedule is sorted.

More information about upcoming LIVE Webinars will also be issued via the forum in due course.
15 July 12noon: AF4 15 July 1pm: AF3

Introduction to the webinars on Friday
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