In 2018 there will be a series of tutorial teaching Q&A sessions hosted and delivered by John Reynolds. Every week he will cover the specific subject being studied as part of our Structured Study Plans for AF3 and AF4: It’s your chance to watch how to ‘de-construct’ questions and ‘re-build’ answers – it will help you build your problem solving capabilities for use in the exam: it is a key skill.


Students on the AF3/AF7 and AF4 structured study plans will have the option to register for a variety of Webinars throughout the exam session. A Webinar is an online video tutorial broadcast based on a specific topic and will help consolidate your learning – it is a virtual classroom with LIVE teaching ( it will be LIVE when we can make it LIVE, otherwise it will be recorded and made available).

It’s a 60 min live teaching Q&A session, covering a specific subject every week. It will answer questions from that week’s study module/ assignment as we progress through the weekly structured study plan. We concentrate on the delivery of the knowledge: being able to deliver your knowledge, on paper, within the time limit, on exam day, is critical.

There are two things which significantly influence your success in the AF exams:
1. A scheduled, structured learning plan which is part of your weekly diary
2. Doing the doing: Regularly testing your ability to do what you need to do in the exam

These webinars help you do both. Don’t worry if your unable to join our live broadcast, our Webinars are recorded and will be uploaded to your course for viewing at a later date (within your assignment module).

The Q&A webinars/video tutorials are open to members of our AF3 and AF4 Expert Pensions Structured Study Plans. We reserve the right to remove anyone who is not a student of Expert Pensions.

How to find & register for a Webinar