Good morning folks.

We really do start the starting gun today: it’s time to get the head into the right space.

I’m hoping that you have had a good study week and are now ready to put all that learning into practice where it REALLY counts: the assignment/exam style question.

REMEMBER: webinars are 100% focused on reviewing assignments and what good looks like in an exam-style question.

Here you go..

1. Assignment question (attached)
2. Webinar schedule (attached)
3. Link to register for a review of these questions (AF3 and AF4 – added to provide and example of what we do)

[We’re pretty good at what we do in the AF1 exam, as you will have seen, so there’s no need to fix something which is working very, very well. Tessa will keep all the AF1’ers right on the AF1 forum].

Let’s get cracking.
We are full-on now for the next 12 weeks.

Good luck with this week’s questions…the answers will ONLY be loaded up into the course assignment topic, no where else.
(Please note: Only if you are registered for the course, will you get access to the model answers or webinars)