You are on the route to Chartered and future-proofing your career.
You’ve booked your exam and decided what resources to use; the enthusiasm bubbling. You are ready for action.

Fast forward 2 weeks and let’s take a peek into the future.

Life has taken over; your diary is fully booked, lots of family commitments, the golf is calling and your New Year exercise plan is already struggling to find time in your diary.

Work Or Study Dice Showing Choice Of Working Or Studying

With all these demands on your time, what happens to your study plan?

Yip. Its always the last on the list.
Do you find it easier to clear out your pencil case and organise your notes than actually put pen to paper?
Shuffling the books on the desk?

We’ve all been there.

That’s why we have designed a Structured Study Plan.

It’s designed to help you manage your diary, fit in the essential studying in small chunks and all accessible from one platform, one login. We have scheduled the essential study week-by-week right to the exam date and we’ve planned your study dairy to ensure you cover all areas and you can concentrate your valuable time on the learning.

How does it work?

The April exam sessions Structured Study Plans kick off this Monday 9th January.

You will have access to your full course of Essential Study Notes and course Workbook, this allows those of you who like to read ahead and get in front the chance to do so (everyone has a different learning style – and we’ve built in something for everyone).

Each week we will release your module which will include your Essential Study Notes (ESN), your video tutorials, your Quiz and (most importantly) your weekly assignment.

This will be the structure of each of your weeks:

1. Read your notes (5 topics a week/1hr a day)
2. Watch your videos tutorials (hrs of classroom instruction in your study)
3. Practice and test your learning using the workbook
4. Maybe go back and revise sections (everything is available 24/7)
5. Then complete your online Quiz
6. And finally, complete your written assessment (you upload it on the system and John might have a look at it with some feedback at the weekly webinar)

This extensive range of different activities caters for all learning styles and will give you a variety of learning activities designed to enhance your chances of passing the exam….and that includes asking questions at the weekly LIVE webinars.

Sounds simple :)

Time To Study Message Showis Education And Studying

To help keep you on track we will send a weekly email every Tuesday detailing your study schedule for the week – with some top tips for each module (keep an eyeout for that every Tuesday).

We know this method will give you the best chance of completing your learning alongside running a business, seeing clients and acting as the swimming club taxi driver. We know you have busy days – we have spent years designing these plans to make them accessible and successful for busy, smart and successful people like you.

Our results speak for themselves.

Stick to the plan…it’s tried and tested…we know it works. You know it works.

Good luck

Gayle and all the EPL Team wish you every success in your study.