Over the next few days we’ll be sending out some important information to all of you who have signed-up for the October exams.
We will be launching our 15 week study plans for AF1, AF3 and AF4 next week; watch out for updates and important information on those over the next few days.

Yesterday, I was road-testing the updated AF4 study materials in the CISI PCIAM exam.
I’ll be making a couple of final amends over the weekend and releasing the new AF4 structured study plan as planned on Tuesday 30 June and we’ll get cracking with that starting next week.

Don’t worry if you aren’t ready for next week and it seems like it’s all coming around too quickly for you!
You can join us anytime, there is plenty of scope in the 15 weeks over the summer. There are 10 modules and we’ve 15 weeks to cover them. But, we should make a start; that start is Tuesday 30 June.

Keep an eye on the blogs. We’ll be issuing a new blog each day over the coming days to keep you informed.

By the way, the CII issue pass rates for the AF exams each calendar year.
The latest data for 2014, showed that for all AF exam students sitting the AF exams during 2014, irrespective of where or what exam or what support/study method they adopted, the pass rate was just about 53%. Using data from all of you who have responded from all our courses, from all of our exams in April 2015, our pass rate is 74%.

That’s no consolation to the 26% who failed. That is our responsibility. We have learnt that we need to improve on some things we do. We will be making changes and we’ll tell you about those as we progress through the next 15 weeks. We regard 74% as a decent result, but we want it higher and we’ll continue to build the most comprehensive study support package available for the AF exams to ensure that happens.