Michael Pashley

My passion is the technical aspects of investment and pensions, and I’m fortunate enough to live this passion every day.

My name is Michael, I’m 29, from Glasgow. I’m married to my beautiful wife Sheena; together we have a three-year-old daughter Paloma and she has a little sister, Marina.

6 things I’ve learnt

Balance of IQ and EQ

The best possible business is achieved with a stable balance of IQ and EQ. Without IQ, you have no service to provide. Without EQ, you have nothing of value to provide it with.

Never take anything for granted

Never take anything – your family, your health, your business – for granted. What’s here today may be gone tomorrow. As such, make the best of every opportunity, live life to the fullest, and – if it does come crashing down – be able to look yourself in the mirror and (honestly) say “I gave it everything I had – and I had a blast doing it!”

Never burn bridges

Never burn bridges, as you may need to cross the river in future. And, the other side of the river may potentially provide untold opportunities far, far down the line.

Time is precious

Time is very precious. It should be spent wisely, and other peoples’ time should be respected as if it were your own.

Always be prepared

Always be prepared. Plan your journey ahead. Plan your day. Keep an up-to-date diary. Keep an up-to-date contacts list in your phone. Truly, failure to prepare is to prepare to fail.

No limit to success

There is no limit to the success that someone can achieve if they put their mind to it. Successful people should be proud of their achievements, while at the same time never forgetting the struggle undergone to achieve them.