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Tapered Annual Allowance (TAA) is going to affect around 500,000 people in 2016/17.
It’s worth knowing about, as I suspect you’ll have a client or who might ask you a question when they get their letter from scheme trustees – which are already hitting the doormats. There a lot of DB scheme trustees and administrators who are taking the chance to inform scheme members now about changes in 2016/17; particularly tapered annual allowance and changes to LTA. They can’t give them advice; they have to advise on seeking independent advice. But, they are providing a lot of assistance.

Be prepared.
Take a look at the attached case study and video tutorial. It’s great CPD, it’s great for the AF3 exam and it’s great preparation for client meetings in March 2016 when talking about tapered annual allowance…before April 2016, when it might be too late.

Pension savings is just one of a number of different investment savings wrappers that your clients will consider. I’ve put together a little example to consider how it works in the context of the remainder of 2015/16 tax year and going into 2016/17, with a reduced LTA.

I’ve added the full pdf into the forum for AF3 members, who’d like more detail.

Here is the video tutorial:

Something for you to think about during the half-term week, as you prepare for another busy tax-year end. Have a great week.