When you fail to read the question properly in the Exam – AF4 April 2019 Question 1(C)

  Rule #1 – Don’t get caught short ‘It’s okay to invest because I can always get my money back if I want it’. Or so the theory goes. It’s a generally accepted rule in financial planning that anyone committing to a market-linked investment should generally be prepared to do so for at least a […]

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5 things to watch when setting up an LPA – useful CPD for anyone studying AF1

Maximise your study time Revision and exam time can be a stressful affair. There are no magic spells or powerful potion books. The best we can do is to equip students in a way to boost your memory, maximise your concentration and fan the fire of your studying motivation: https://www.ftadviser.com/your-industry/2019/09/10/five-things-to-watch-out-for-when-setting-up-an-lpa/

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Understanding and Answering an AF7 April 2019 Exam Question

Revision Study Tip Question 3 of the April 2019 asked you to explain why the client (in this case, Dennis) was unable to benefit from any currently available form of transitional protection. This one has come up previously, in the October 2017 sitting. There is every prospect of it coming up again. The syllabus requires […]

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