What are you letting yourself in for?

A 2 hour written exam with 100 marks up for grabs and 20 all important credits towards level 6. Twelve questions overall, with four generic questions, followed by two case studies with four questions on each.
What do I need to maximise my chances?

The ability to apply your knowledge using the right exam technique. Get hold of past exam papers, do the mock papers and set yourself a time limit under exam conditions. There is nothing like practice to prepare you. You will start to notice themes emerge, get used to them.

Do you have any top tips?

Of course we do and we are more than happy to share them!

  • Manage your time in the exam – spend 10 minutes reading through the entire paper and jot down a few notes. Move on to answering the questions spending only one minute per mark available. Spend your last 10 minutes wisely by re-reading your answers and checking them.
  • This is a Level 6 exam you need to show your depth of knowledge – the devil is in the detail – be specific (for example if you are talking about inflation are you talking about RPI or CPI?).
  • If you have been asked to do a calculation set out your workings clearly – in these cases it is more important to show the correct method of calculation.
  • Tax Tables are a MUST. The information is there you just need to find it and replicate it.
  • If a question is worth 5 marks then make sure you make 5 valid points.

Is there anything else I should know?

You already have the knowledge required (or at least are some way along to tying up all those loose ends) and we are going to guide you right through to exam day. We are going to show how to take what you have learnt and be able to SHOW you know everything there is to know about Pension Transfers. Make sure you are following your structured study plan and you are DOING the DOING. Practice makes perfect and we want to see you all behind goal posts.