Lots of of you ask questions about the weekly study schedule for the exam.
Without exception, you think it’s a good idea.

What does it look like?
Well, here’s this week’s email; they are sent out every Tuesday and this week is the 2nd week already!

Weekly study Schedule: week 2
This email is reminding you what you should be studying each week.

It’s designed to keep you on track with your study.

Keep you on track each week as it flies past
Follow a study plan; week-by-week
Alert you to the new quizzes, new videos, new documents

AF3 study schedule: Module 2
Enhanced, Fixed and Individual Protection

This is the first of 3 modules on protection; modules 2, 3 and 4 are all written on a similar theme – protection of members pension fund from tax. Modules 2, 3 and 4 are all about protecting the members fund from LTA charge or enhancing the amount of TFC.

Top tip: You won’t be asked about enhanced protection in the exam (too easy), concentrate on getting FP12 and 14 and IP sorted in your head.

IP is my prediction for the April exam; it’s very topical and could involve a chunky part of the big 80 mark question. This is one I would spend some time on.

Thank you to all those who have posted in the forum already. Keep those questions coming.

AF4 study schedule: Module 2
Gilts and corporate bonds

This module is all about the features and characteristics of corporate and government debt: debt securities which are tradable instruments issued to investors in return for their cash (have a look on the site for on blog on rolex watches).

I’ll be adding a little bit of a discussion on war loan stock. The government recently redeemed war loan stock and it makes an interesting case study on government debt. Watch out for that later in week (Thursday).

I love it. This is when AF4 really starts getting interesting.

Check out the Investment forum for more good info and support.
If there are any questions – post them on the forum and I’ll answer them.

AF1 Essential study notes
Module 2: CGT

This week the next dead certainty is a CGT calculation: one of these has appeared in five out of the past six exam papers. One worth getting to grips with?

Kath’s weekly tax and trusts blog is issued on the site tomorrow (Wednesday).

Again, some really fantastic questions being asked.
There is no better place to be kept up to date with the AF1 syllabus than the AF1 forum supported by Kath – some question answers even have their own video explanation!

More videos have been added to the modules with a great video on POAT in M4 and M5 completed; check out the latest videos in your account.

AF5 exam
Exam support for AF5

You might have noticed we don’t have anything up on the site for AF5 just yet.
AF5 is different.

I suggest you get started from February. I’ll keep you posted on when and how to get started with the studying for this exam – keep an eye out for the weekly updates.

Make a meeting with yourself.
Make a meeting with yourself this week. Set aside a couple of hours for yourself and get into study mode.

It’s not your intellect that will decide your fate; it’s your diary.

Not sure this plan is for you?
Each of module 1 in both AF3 and AF4 are open to try – before you do anything or decide if it’s right for you, take a look at our free modules. But, do it soon. Time flies past and before you know it, your diary has been hijacked. That is your biggest challenge.

Meantime, have a great week.