As you might already know throughout your Structured Study Plan you will earn a badge for two reasons:

  1. Passing your quiz on each module
  2. Uploading your assignment and then completing the module.

What can you do with these badges?

Did you know any badge you earn can be shared with your social media profiles?

To share your success – all you need to do is the follow these steps below:

  1. Go to and select create account. Credly is the programme you will use to store and share your badges we give to you through each achievement. 
  2. Using your email address that you used to sign up on your expert pensions account, then follow the step by step guides to set up your profile. 
  3. Back at expert pensions site log in with your email address and begin your course.Complete an action that will give you a badge ; pass a quiz or load-up your assignment
  4. When you pass a quiz you will be told congratulations you have passed and you will then see you badge appear to the right hand side under achievements. (You will also see your points number go up) this means you have earned a badge.  
  5. If you hover your mouse over the badge it will show an arrow appear. Select this arrow 
  6. There will then be a pop up message asking: ‘would you like to share this badge with your Credly account? ‘ You select yes. 
  7. Once you select yes share- that means it will be sent to the account you have registered with Credly under that email address. You will also get an email to confirm you have shared your badge. You can then go back to your Credly profile and under ‘My Credit’ go to your ‘Earned’ tab inbox. 
  8. Here is where you can accept the badge that has been shared with your Credly account. Once accepted it will go into your ‘All’ folder. 
  9. If you go into your All folder and click your mouse over the badge there will be three options that come up- the eyeball (which you can make your badge private) the bin(which you can use to delete your badge)and then the last one which is three dots is your share option. Click this one.
  10. Then you will get a list of all social media profiles you can share this badge onto. One you select the chosen social media it will ask you to log into your account and then share the badge.

Get yourself registered and share these badges on your LinkedIn profiles.

Good Luck

If you need a hand – please just email me:

Emma the EPL IT guru (according to Gayle, at least…)