Ssssh…………..Want to know the secret of learning a new skill

Learning a new skill has many benefits, but how does our brain process the information needed for us to perform our newly acquired skill?

You’ve probably heard the expression “practice makes perfect” a million times, and a good read to support this theory is Malcolm Gladwell’s popular “10,000 hours”.

Here at Expert Pensions we truly believe in ‘doing the doing’ but how does practice affect the brain?

As we start the learning process our brains coordinate a complex set of actions which include motor function, visual and audio processing, verbal language skills, and more.   At the start of learning, this new skill might feel difficult or challenging.  But as we practice and the learning or skill feels smoother you will generally feel more comfortable.  Practice is actually helping the brain optimize for this set of coordinated activities, through a process called myelination.

Have a look at the science behind the theory courtesy of BBC learning – it makes interesting viewing:

Our online programmes are designed to maximise your opportunities to practice, learn, develop and grow.  Learning something new is AMAZING and we are happy to be part of your learning journey.