What our customers say…

AF7 – Once again – EP is brilliant! I have now passed 5 advanced CII papers in 6 sittings. And for every sitting I am yet to open a Cii book, I’ve passed using just EP’s materials. Thank you again!

Ryan Steward, Financial Planner, Aviva Financial Advice

AF4 – I really enjoyed the workshop and found it very useful. Michael is an excellent trainer and his knowledge is fantastic, he explains thing well.I definitely feel that things make a lot more sense now and hopefully with enough revision I have a decent chance of passing the exam. I couldn’t suggest any areas of improvement.

Karen Fitzpatrick, Executive Consultant, Royal London Group

AF3 – I cannot thank you enough for all the support. The process that you have us follow, with all the associated support..it was amazing!!

David Bone, Managing Director, Simple Financial Services Ltd

AF1 – I passed AF1 with 111 marks.Superb, over the moon. Never did I get close to that mark in my mocks – perhaps I was being too harsh with the marking. Very very pleased! makes all those sessions, and extra long Easter weekend of study worth it.Thank you to you for your support!

Chris Dawson, Pension Transfer Adviser, LV Retirement Advice

AF4 – I am so grateful for all the help from ALL involved at Expert Pensions. It is clear that there is a culture of positivity and professionalism with a healthy dose of good humour throughout the team at EP.

Duncan Cook, Fiancial Planner, Lynas Vokes

AF4 – Lots of knowledge gained from Michael. I find learning so much easier when I can ask questions and interact with somebody. We went through the core topics in detail and he explained things really well.

Annabelle Mason, Executive Sales Consultant, Royal London Group

AF3/7 – I think the preparation and materials are excellent. Not enough space here to to do you justice. Even when you are studying on your own in the library you feel as though you have company!! Notes/ forum/ tips/ mocks/ videos/ quiz/ team and John contact. Brilliant!

Craig Ferguson, Director, Leven Wealth Managment

AF4 – Still in shock that I passed – I was preparing for an October resit. Phew! Huge thanks to EP!

Tina Weeks, Financial Life Planner, Serenity Financial Planning Ltd

AF7 – Ace ace ace! Loved my Expert Pension experience

Wendy Fleming, Chartered & Certified Financial Planner, Opus Financial Consultants

AF4 – Keep up the good work, couldn’t have passed any of my AF4 papers without you!

Astra Belcher