Our intensive pre-exam revision course is designed to increase the knowledge and exam confidence of students preparing for the CII AF1, AF4 and AF7 exams.

Our smarter approach to better learning includes interactive learning resources with high quality content to suit all learning types: 10 bite-sized video tutorials focusing on the CII questions – how to understand what is being asked and construct your answers to pick up those crucial marks, a revision case study workbook and 2 mock exams with model answers.

The Expert Pensions approach to studying is all about ‘doing the doing’ and our course will help you to calculate your strengths and weaknesses and provides a blended learning package centred around you.

The final weeks leading up to the exam are a crucial stage for success and can influence your final examination outcome. Our revision will focus on giving you the ‘edge’ with examination techniques designed to get the very best from you on exam day. We use subject matter experts to design our study resources, ensuring that are materials are of the highest quality and relevant to all current specifications.

We love our resources and hope that you will too! Full details of our Revision Courses can be found here:

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