Regulated Retail Investment Adviser Re-evaluation (RAR)

Our  learning resources are tailored to the needs of our students, they are designed by Experts who sit, know and understand the exam.  By ensuring our courses are relevant to the learner we believe that advisers can maintain a good level of knowledge, ensuring that you are following the latest guidelines and principles, to enable you to give sound financial advice.

At Expert Pensions, we are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. That’s the reason people are noticing our work.

Our courses have many unique elements:

  • We cover all the important facts
  • We connect with you
  • We firmly believe in understanding, learning and practice in context;
  • We believe learning is a life-long process that is never fully completed; and
  • We make learning fun!

RAR Course

Our bespoke, time efficient and cost effective course is designed to test the knowledge of advisers and other relevant staff.  Our course includes video tutorials, subject specific testing via an online quiz and auto-generated CPD certificates.

The assessment course includes the following areas:

  • Regulation and ethics
  • Investments
  • Personal taxation
  • Pensions and retirement planning
  • Financial protection

The main purpose of this course is to ensure that your technical knowledge is up to date so that the advice you currently give to clients is appropriate, up to date and suitable.

On successful completion of each assessment you will receive an auto-generated CPD certificate of 7 hours which will give you 35 structured hours by completing the full course.  This is a powerful, time effective way to evidence your skills and knowledge.

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