This is a member update.
I have just issued and added a completely revised CII R08 Pension Updates exam study text and workbook (with also revised quiz questions) and now a new video tutorial has been added today.

The notes have been extensively revised in light of the summer budget of 8 July and clarity on the new rules from HMRC since April 2015 and the video tutorial walks through some of the details. It is a ‘must watch’ for those studying R08, J05 or AF3.

All those members with either/or R08 Pension Updates and AF3 structured study plan membership can access the new and revised study notes immediately, along with the new video Tutorial.
The new documents and video are available in the R08 module or M5 in the AF3 structured study plan.

I will be adding more tutorial videos in support of the study notes in the coming days and weeks.
This video tutorial is 72 mins long and covers 3 specific topics. You may want to put the kettle on before you sit down and watch it all the way through!

It covers 3 specific areas within the new notes (you can stop and start the video anytime!) and is definitely worth a watch as we get closer to the start of the R08 exam scheduled times from 3 August and as we approach week 5 and Module 5 of the AF3 study course. The new notes and video is included in both modules.

Any questions about any aspect – please drop them into the forum.