R06 – What does it involve

  • 3-hour exam comprising 2 written case studies on financial planning practice (candidates receive the case studies 2 weeks prior to exam sitting)
  • The pass rate for those completing the unit is currently 67%
  • The nominal pass mark is 55%
  • You receive two case studies two weeks before the exam
  • These will highlight any potential areas of technical complexity that you will need to cover as part of your studies
  • Knowledge of financial planning solutions is essential BUT so is exam technique

How can we help?

  • Firstly, you will receive access to our online course with our previous exam analysis so you can see the format and look at the types of questions – this will help you build a picture of what the examiners are asking and how to structure your answers the ‘CII’ way
  • We know all too well that revision and exam time can be a tense affair and there are no magic spells or silver bullets but we aim to help you use your study time wisely and efficiently
  • Our team at EPL work on every word, every line and every sentence of the case studies – ensuring that not only do you have the full technical background, we look at the deeper critical evaluation, which is essential for a pass in this exam
  • Boost your productivity by engaging on our online forum – this is our dedicated online space where you can chat to your fellow students, ask questions and get information from your tutor
  • By developing our collaborative approach to your studies you can be assured of our engaging communications platform, expert escalation of questions and feedback and increased productivity when it comes to getting you that all important pass

Ready to pass?

Our analysis is based on what we believe the exam paper will look like – it is not guaranteed and you need to be flexible in your approach……….be prepared for any task to be in any question.

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