Private Client Investment Advice & Management (PCIAM) Virtual Workshop


Purchasing this product will give you access to our PCIAM Virtual Workshop which is scheduled for:

  • 22nd-24th May 2019 (3 days, Wed-Fri)
What is a Virtual Workshop?

These are highly interactive live online sessions, focused on doing the doing – just before the exam.

We’ve designed the online Virtual Workshop with interactivity in mind: remember it’s all about the doing. By attending live, delegates can ask questions, practice, review and consolidate learning. The sessions are ALL about application of learning into short questions and case studies allowing you to apply your learning.

This interactive style of course delivery is Michael at his best and LIVE in your own front room!

This programme is delivered online and live [BUT, it will be recorded and accessible immediately after each session] allowing delegates to interact with Michael from either a computer or mobile device – from your own study room. If you have ever successfully watched one of our webinars, then you already have the technology to join our Virtual Workshop.

If you have any questions, please get in contact with us at

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