Are you looking for extra help in the lead up to your exam? Have you left it too late to join our Structured Study plan?

Our AF4 Revision course is designed by subject specialists to provide you with the preparation and practice you need in the lead up to the exam. To achieve a pass in this exam you need to practice and prepare for the types of questions you will face on the day. It is not enough to have the technical knowledge alone…you need to be able to apply it to the exam, understand what to expect from the questions and how to construct your answers.

Note that this is a REVISION course with materials designed to help you practice and prepare for the exam. It is not designed to provide you with the technical knowledge and learning to cover the AF4 syllabus, our Structured Study plan is available for this level of support and covers all the technical and technique in one course.

What is included in the Revision course?

10 x Video tutorials – Where we explore past exam questions and walk you through how to interpret what is being asked. We show you what clues to look for in the question and how to build your answer to gain the marks available.

Revision workbook – A collection of Case-Study questions, designed to help you prepare for your exam. Our questions will test your knowledge across the whole syllabus, testing your ability to critically analyse the question and construct a precise, specific and detailed answer. Full model answers are included

2 x Mock exams – 2 Mock exams to test your knowledge and ability to document solutions in the correct format to pick up those all-important marks. Our mock exams are designed by Expert Pensions and include model answers for you to check your understanding.

On completion of this course you will be awarded a certificate with 2 hours CPD.

Access to the course is for 1 exam session only or will expire after 90 days