This is a tutorial workshop for a maximum of 12 people only.


There will be 12 PTS practitioners or managers of businesses or compliance people who provide guidance to PTS advisers.


There are also two special guests on the ”panel”:


  1. Rory Percival
  2. Trevor Williamson


Rory requires little introduction.

He is recently ex-FCA after 10 years. He’s a Chartered Financial Planner with over 400 credits and spent 8 years at the FCA on thematic supervision. He is uniquely informed of the FCA’s working and thinking (he spent a lot of time influencing both whilst he was there).


Trevor is a senior lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University and as well as leading the MSc in Business Management and Financial planning, also spends a lot of the year travelling globally facilitating accountancy and finance-based  case-study workshops in universities in India, China and US.


His expertise is the development of critical thinking and critical evaluation, using case-study methodology – and he will help us with our critical thinking about DB pension transfers.


These two chaps will provide us PTS with all the guidance we need and we will also have a FOS view there as well.


I will be the ”third” person (think ”Question Time” – I’m going to be Richard Dimbleby, Rory and Trevor are on the panel and the ”audience” are the PTS).


I will be facilitating a tutorial workshop (a proper tutorial workshop where we will build something togther) where we will all be assessing, evaluating, analysing and building a DB pension transfer advice case-study.


This is a full working day – 12 people will mean we can ask questions and build something useful for us all to take away.


It will be a case-study we will all analyse from the bottom up – with informed comment and guidance from Rory. He will give us the FCA perspective (or as close as we can get….). And we’ll get the FOS input as well.


Guidance and help with structuring our thinking processes from Trevor – who will ensure we have a robust academic rigour about our analysis and our thinking.


And input from the 12 PTS practitioners.


Pull all this together and we’ll have some very useful output.


We’ll assess the factfind and data; we’ll think about risk assessment and behavioural finance; we’ll assess cashflow, sustainable income and TVAS reports; we’ll build a rigorous suitability letter and we’ll all come to different conclusions about the advice – but, all helped and informed from our collective experiences, our special guests and everyone in attendance.


There are three outputs:


  1. A better understanding of the FCA perspective and what ”good” could look like, to help us manage our risk and ensure a good customer outcome.


  1. A shared experience of what PTS practitioners are currently thinking and constructing as ”good advice” or good outcomes.


  1. A case study ”solution” based on best practice compiled from the best PTS brains practicing today.



If you’d like to join this workshop, here are more details:


Date: Wednesday 15 February

Venue: KentsHill Training Centre Milton Keynes

Time: 9/9.30 start to 4.30pm


This is a premium event and the cost is £900+VAT per person and there are two places available.


The case-study (based on a real-life scenario) will be sent out the week before to allow you to come prepared and familiar with the detail.


This is your personal invite to this special workshop.


Please email if you’d like to be considered for this event.