How would you like 60 credits from your AF4 investment planning exam studies? In other words, your AF4 studies could be worth TWO AF credits?
Your AF4 study is so closely aligned to the PCIAM that you’d be bonkers not to ‘double-bubble’ your AF4 exam study and gain 60 AF credits, rather than 30.

You get 30 unspecified AF credits for PCIAM

I got written confirmation from the CII, that you get 30 AF credits for the PCIAM (I sat the June 2015 exam); see attached.
Do the AF4 with the PCIAM and get your Chartered Financial Planner status quicker.

The AF4 exam is on 5 October and the PCIAM is on the 8 December; we’ll be running a 3 day workshop (covering tax, pensions and investments on each day) leading into the PCIAM exam in December for all you folks who want to ‘double-bubble’ on your studies or think ahead and make the best use of your time.

Here is confirmation of the 30 AF credits I received (June 2015):

This course is made up of elements from the CII AF1, AF3, AF4 courses; modules which are appropriate and overlap with the CISI PCIAM Investment and Private client advice – which means you can ”double-bubble” your study, maximise your effort and your AF credits and achieve Chartered Financial Planner status quicker.

As the CISI says: Private Client Investment Advice & Management (PCIAM) enables practitioners to demonstrate their broad understanding of the principles of private client investment advice, within the context of the current regulatory environment. You will be able to structure a suitable portfolio, selecting from a range of financial products, which meets client objectives and is based on the key principles of know your customer. You will also be able to undertake regular portfolio reviews and evaluations to ensure continued adherence to client objectives…..

In other words, it’s an investment orientated (about 60-70% Investments [AF4], wide-ranging financial planning exam (also includes tax [AF1 @10%] and pensions [AF3 @20%]. It’s perfect for CII-trained financial advisers doing AF level subjects.

You can find more information here: CISI website and PCIAM exam

All the best for now.