30 unspecified AF credits for PCIAM!?
You can get 60 credits from your AF4 investment planning exam studies and ‘double-bubble’. In other words, your AF4 studies could be worth TWO AF credits?

Well, your AF4 study (coupled with previous Diploma studies) is so closely aligned to the PCIAM that you’d be bonkers not to ‘double-bubble’ your AF4 exam study and gain 60 AF credits, rather than 30.

I got written confirmation from the CII, that you get 30 AF credits for the PCIAM (I did it last June).
So, for example, let’s say you’ve done AF3 and AF5; you are 60 AF credits short of Chartered Financial Planner.

Do the AF4 with the PCIAM and get both the Chartered Financial Planner and MCSI together.
Bloody marvellous, if you ask me and worth thinking about (and make your life a bit easier….get Chartered status quicker? No brainer?).

The AF4 exam is on 12 April and the PCIAM is on the 23 June; we’ll be running a 3 day workshop (covering tax, pensions and investments on each day) leading into the PCIAM exam in June for all you folks who want to ‘double-bubble’ on your studies or think ahead and make the best use of your time. We’ll tell you more about the workshop and online access to all 3 key study plans (AF1, 3 and 4) in support of the PCIAM, very soon.

All the best for now.