Top 10 Predictions

Our Experts have been crunching all the data and they have come up with their top 10 predictions for next weeks CII AF1, AF4 and AF7 exams. Whilst we can’t guarantee that every tip will show up, all of our predictions are shared in good faith and we hope that it will help you with any last minute revision.

Top Tips for Exam Day:

Read the questions carefully. Read through the paper once before you choose your questions and then re-read each question. You might think a module you’ve revised hasn’t come up, but it might just be that the Examiners have worded it slightly differently to what you are expecting.

Choose your best questions – Mark any questions you feel confident about, and then check that you fully understand it. Do you have some relevant knowledge and technique for the ones you choose to answer? If you do not understand a question, it’s best to leave it until last. Get the marks for the ones you do know at the beginning.

You don’t have to start with Question 1. You decide what order you want to answer the questions. Some people like to start with the question they know best to give them a good start. Your confidence will soar if you start with the questions you know you can deliver on.

Wishing everyone the very best of luck

10 Predictions for the AF4 exam

10 Predictions for the AF1 exam

10 Predictions for the AF7 exam (2)

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